Vista Multipost Collar


Features & Benefits

Neck strain and bad posture from reading, computer work and even cell phone use can cause discomfort and often leads to restricted mobility. The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar is designed to promote a more natural spinal alignment with the therapeutic goal of reducing symptoms from misalignment.

The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar is also an active therapy device designed to reduce the symptoms of Forward Head Carriage. This unnatural head position can shift the cervical spine out of alignment, which may lead to radiculopathy, neuropathy and cervicogenic pain. The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar promotes improved posture and a more natural alignment which helps in the treatment of this disorder

Product Features

· Integrated Air Pump – Easily accessible, the air pump and pressure release valve allows patients to quickly achieve the exact level of compression that works best for them.

· Cradles the Chin – comfortably supports the chin while shifting the head back into proper alignment.

· One-Time Adjustment – once the locking strap on the left side is adjusted to the correct position, the patient can easily achieve the proper tightness and positioning when the collar is reapplied at home.

· Control the Compression – the Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar promotes a natural curve in the neck, providing therapeutic support. Activating the compression bladder can enhance therapy.

· Targeted Therapy – The Vista Therapy pack delivers hot/cold therapy to reduce inflammation and spasm. Moving its location inside the back panel focuses the therapeutic compression to wherever is needed to provide optimal relief.